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💡 5 No Prep Youth Group Game Ideas


February 1st, 2024

9 mins 29 secs

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00:00-00:28 Why Youth Group Sermons Don't Do We Want them to do!v
00:28-01:50 #1 Bring Me
01:50-06:25 #2 DYM Membership
06:25-07:23 #3 Clumps
07:23-08:18 #4 Steal the Bacon
08:18-09:29 #5 Enlist a Volunteer

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00;00;00;05 - 00;00;21;15
Nick Clason
Games and youth ministry. They go together like Bert and Ernie, Batman and Robin, the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Do you even get that reference? Because I barely dude from an old worship song. But what happens when you are running low on time and you don't have time to pull a game together and you have barely any prep ready?

00;00;21;20 - 00;00;48;31
Nick Clason
Well, here are my five best go to ideas in a low prep, no prep situation. Let's check it out. Idea number one is one of my all time favorite games. I like to call it Bring me In. It's simply, Hey, you're standing on stage and you say, bring me a penny, Bring me a shoelace, bring me your leader's left sock, bring me a gum wrapper, bring me a couch cushion, bring me a hat, bring me a cell phone charger.

00;00;48;43 - 00;01;13;14
Nick Clason
Bring me a Stanley, bring me a sweatshirt, Bring me your cell phone case. But your cell phone can't be in if you if you head over to a hybridministry.xyz/082, which is this episode, you are out. I actually have nine of my favorite doing games that I've ever submitted and put on Doom's website on there completely for free.

00;01;13;18 - 00;01;26;37
Nick Clason
Bring me is one of them. But you don't even need a screen for this. You can just screenshot all the ones I just said, put them down on a list and then just get up there and say when you don't know what to do, when you don't have time, when you don't have prep, bring me is a great game.

00;01;26;37 - 00;01;49;41
Nick Clason
It incites a lot of chaos and panic. Students are running up and back and forth to the stage to try and win, be the first one up there, especially if you make it something difficult. Like I like to do a shoelace, but it can't be in the shoe anymore. So I have to like on threat it, stuff like that that makes it take a little bit more time, but then still creates a lot of moments of just excitement and running and all those absurd things.

00;01;49;41 - 00;02;14;41
Nick Clason
Super fun. Idea number two is get a dude gym membership. Now if you have not checked out, download Youth Ministries. DuHaime For sure. I mean, they have absolutely changed the game when it comes to youth ministry and youth ministry games. In fact, at the top of this video, I have a detailed an outline of the entire history of why we even do games in youth ministry.

00;02;14;41 - 00;02;37;12
Nick Clason
So check that out for something you're interested in. But for the rest of us you need to check out dkim. And there member pricing is so cheap they just upped it. And so they have one now called platinum, but they have a starter for just 1199 a month. Gold for 24, 74 month gold plus for 30 a month and then platinum for 74, 92 a month and platinum we just upgraded to platinum.

00;02;37;12 - 00;02;58;14
Nick Clason
It has everything. It's like 800 a month. You get your curriculum, you get access to sidekick and phone voting. You get like store credit per month, you get all the member downloads. So I remember my brother, he just upgraded to the download Youth Ministry membership and I remember telling him I was like every single month you get new stuff.

00;02;58;14 - 00;03;24;44
Nick Clason
And then I was like, And then the credit reloads every single month. And he literally said to me on the phone, Dude, this is a game changer. And so if you have not checked out sidekick, which has live polling, one of my favorite hybrid like advancements in youth ministry that we have today, they have the spinning wheel they have name picker but the phone voting, the live voting, they used to be a service you had to pay for poor everywhere.

00;03;24;44 - 00;03;44;57
Nick Clason
Now it just rolled into the do I am memberships. If you're not a DUI I member, it may sound pricey to you with a little bit of sticker shock, but once you get any start using some of their products, you realize just how cheap it really is. And when you're in a pinch, DuHaime is a must. It is a go to you can jump online, you can grab a game that looks done.

00;03;45;02 - 00;04;10;29
Nick Clason
Pro-level or pro ready, you drop it into your pro presenter, you drop into sidekick and boom, you are off to the races and no one's none the wiser that you just pulled that together in 5 minutes. Having a DUI membership is an absolute game changer and one of my actually favorite hacks for DUI games is taking one of those games and turning it into a social media moment.

00;04;10;29 - 00;04;35;50
Nick Clason
And so I have a lot of games in my nine best DuHaime blog posts, which if you scroll all the way to the bottom, have a link on there though. Actually just give it to you completely for free so you don't have to pay for them, any of them. You can check it out. You can test those are all Nick Leeson games, but I would take some of those games and yes, I have vertical based videos, vertical based graphics for some, so you can just post the graphic on your social media feed and that that's one way to do it.

00;04;35;50 - 00;04;51;39
Nick Clason
But a next level way that I like to use it is to hand the graphic to a student on a phone and then have them walk around, kind of like Mr. Beast style. All throughout my building on a Wednesday night or on a Sunday morning and ask other students or ask other leaders to try and play the game, to try and guess the thing.

00;04;51;39 - 00;05;09;21
Nick Clason
So we do that a lot with one of my games I've created called Emoji Phraseology. And so they'll take the the social media graphic and they'll walk around and they'll be like, Hey, what is this emoji phrase? Was this camp emoji phrase? What is this New Year's emoji phrase? What is this Christmas emoji face? Was this back to school emoji phrase?

00;05;09;26 - 00;05;27;56
Nick Clason
And then we get to watch other people kind of deal with it. One of the recent adaptations we did, I would usually do that for like one question at a time. So one student gets one question and we just film them and see how they respond. One of the most recent adaptations I did was I brought five students into my office and then I asked all of them all ten questions.

00;05;27;56 - 00;05;45;10
Nick Clason
And then I went back through each of the ten questions and I spliced up the best moments from those. And so every question had five students, and we would cut to them thinking and and wrestling with it and giving answers, whether they're right or wrong. And then, you know, when they gave the right answer a little ding would pop up on screen.

00;05;45;10 - 00;06;03;22
Nick Clason
So all kinds of different ways to adapt that. You know what? I actually have all that type of stuff detailed for you in my completely free e-book, which wants to help you crush social media. It's actually got a month's worth of social media resources, but it's not what you think. It's not just a bunch of graphics that you can scheduled to your feed.

00;06;03;27 - 00;06;31;14
Nick Clason
It actually helps you take and adapt a real true next Gen. Gen Z Gen Alpha friendly Hybrid Ministry, Digital Ministry Integration of strategy to your ministry where you film your messages ahead of time. That's the bedrock of all that you do. And then you post short form, vertical based videos on your feed throughout the month and you and your your youth ministry, your volunteers and your students, they are the faces of the youth ministry.

00;06;31;19 - 00;06;53;23
Nick Clason
You're not just a social media with a bunch of graphics. You are a social media with humans, entertainment based, fun based and also spiritual content. My e-book outlines details all of that 100% completely for you. Moving on to idea number three, when you are in a pinch for games, it is one of my favorite elimination style games. It's called clumps.

00;06;53;34 - 00;07;08;08
Nick Clason
You don't need a screen for it. You can use a screen for it. Do you? AIM has a version of it. You can check it out. Link in the show notes where ever you are listening on a podcast catch or if you're watching here news you read down below, but you can essentially just say, Hey, in groups of four.

00;07;08;08 - 00;07;38;47
Nick Clason
And then if you get groups of four and then anyone who's not in a group of four, whether they are the slowest or they just are less standing, they are eliminated and you start to whittle your group down to you have a last group or last team standing. It's super fun game. Check it out. It's a it's a go to in a pinch idea number four for going to in a pinch is steal the bacon If you've never played it before you get two lines of people on each side and you number everybody one through however many you have, make sure it's a even number on each side and then you put something in the

00;07;38;47 - 00;07;54;07
Nick Clason
middle. And this is the no prep part. You can literally put a hat in the middle, you can put a sweatshirt in the middle, you can put a couch cushion from your youth room in the middle, and then you call out numbers. And so when you say number one, each person's number one runs in. They have to grab it and then have to bring it back to their side.

00;07;54;12 - 00;08;12;43
Nick Clason
That's it. You can get creative. You can start calling multiple numbers. You can call number one and number seven. And then they both come running and trying to grab the pillow and then run back. It is a no prep low prep game. It is fun, it is active. It gets people moving, it gives people sweaty. So if you've never played steal the bacon before, go ahead and try.

00;08;12;43 - 00;08;33;58
Nick Clason
If you do, please tag us. Let us know on social media so that we can repost you. That would be super fun to know. And then idea number five if you are running low on time and Prep is perhaps enlist a volunteer. Enlisting a volunteer is a great way to get the stress of games off of your plate and then you can put them in charge of choosing the game.

00;08;33;58 - 00;08;52;10
Nick Clason
You can put them in charge of hosting the game and you can even help put them in charge of creating a student hosting team. I remember when I was in middle school there was a volunteer. Your name was Bruce Craig, and Bruce Craig, wasn't you? He wasn't your quintessential volunteer leader that you think of, right? He wasn't like young hip tows like he was a dad.

00;08;52;10 - 00;09;14;55
Nick Clason
I think he had a high school kid, but he ran games for our middle school ministry every single week in the gym, on the microphone, and he was making it happen. And here's the thing. Adult volunteers are truly the lifeblood of everything that we do in student ministry, which is why I saved adults for the very end of this 2024 Youth Ministry on Demand playlist.

00;09;14;55 - 00;09;28;35
Nick Clason
It's the seventh and final video link right here on the screen. Click it and we will take you to that and we will talk to you next time. Don't forget, we are making digital discipleship easy inaccessible. So as always, stay.