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Time Saving Hacks for Productive Youth Pastors

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Time Management for Youth Pastors.
Is it an oxymoron?
It's not possible, is it?

Think again!
In this video I'll share with you my TOP 5 Favorite productivity hacks for Youth Pastors!
Let's dive in!

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00:00 Using your Cell Phone for Productivity
02:43 Use Opus Clip
04:17 Time Block
5:05 Raise up a Volunteer
07:00 Consider Coaching

00:00:00:00 - 00:00:24:07
Nick Clason
Five. Youth pastor. Time saving hacks. Hack number one. Use your cell phone. I mean, for crying out loud, this is the hybrid ministry show. I am your host, Nick Clason and you should use your cell phone to your advantage in. So a couple of different apps I use on my cell phone to save time in my calendaring app.

00:00:24:07 - 00:00:50:20
Nick Clason
I use it for everything. It is my to do list, however, and we'll get to this in just a minute. I do build out the individual items on my to do list using a to do list app I use Microsoft to do. I hate everything Microsoft. I hate the Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, but I do use Microsoft to do because it used to be Wunderlist and got converted into to do.

00:00:50:20 - 00:00:57:10
Nick Clason
And my wife and I, we still use it for our groceries and so I just continue to use it, but use calendaring

00:00:57:10 - 00:01:15:22
Nick Clason
apps and or To-Do list, have social media things installed on your phone, but don't let it own you, right? Use it, use Instagram Stories and use the Instagram Reels and use TikTok and use them for social media posts when you need it and how you need it.

00:01:15:25 - 00:01:47:01
Nick Clason
but don't let those things own you. Turn off notifications for them, and then use AI, on your phone or on your browser to save time. OpenAI, open, openai.com chat, GPT another free image. another free image site and resource that I have been using is imagine dot art. I paid like $13 a month today in an annualized version for like $156 for a year's worth of credits.

00:01:47:06 - 00:01:57:02
Nick Clason
But use some of these things to your advantage. I will give you this caveat, as I have been alluding to a little bit, have some cell phone integrity,

00:01:57:02 - 00:02:13:07
Nick Clason
so use your cell phone. Use calendaring apps used to do list. Use social media apps and AI websites and apps and images to help yourself out, but also have integrity. Be wise with it and beyond being wise, don't let your cell phone on you.

00:02:13:07 - 00:02:32:22
Nick Clason
So put in some safeguards and some things that will help you navigate your cell phone usage on a regular basis. For example, I have all my notifications turned off except for phone calls. I oftentimes turn my screen to black and white mode so that the dopamine doesn't hit my brain at the same level as full color.

00:02:32:22 - 00:02:36:07
Nick Clason
Like, use some of those things to your advantage so

00:02:36:07 - 00:02:43:00
Nick Clason
that you can put in the good safeguards and that you can have good digital hygiene and good digital integrity.

00:02:43:03 - 00:03:22:02
Nick Clason
The second tip that I have for you, this is another AI suggestion, but it is its own kind of entity. If you have been following, in the last episode, 91 through 99, I had my YouTube for Youth Ministry playlist. I'll link it right here if you're interested, or down in the show notes, and I go on a complete crash course on everything you need to know for YouTube how to pre film your messages as a youth pastor, how to post your messages to YouTube using things like title, tag, thumb and all the other TS that are important on YouTube and one of my major and favorite features is using opus Dot Pro to create

00:03:22:05 - 00:03:48:27
Nick Clason
AI generated short form, vertical based video. Social media and vertical based video are still king on social media, and so you need to find a way to create those things. And if you have a long form version of your message, whether you sit down direct to camera like I coach youth pastors to do, or you are a church and you have your pastor's live streamed message in his entire talk, take that full length thing and drop it into opus Dot Pro.

00:03:49:00 - 00:04:05:04
Nick Clason
link down below for you to give it a shot for free down below in the description or in your podcast catcher, or wherever you are listening to this, or just head to our website. Hybrid Ministry X, Y, Z. Someone 101. And hey, before we move on to tip number

00:04:05:04 - 00:04:06:00
Nick Clason
three, if you've gotten

00:04:06:00 - 00:04:09:25
Nick Clason
value so far out of this video, would you just consider giving us a subscribe?

00:04:09:27 - 00:04:31:16
Nick Clason
Like, if you're on a podcast, a five star rating in your purple podcast app will absolutely mean the world to me. Tip number three is time block. I alluded to earlier with my calendaring and to do list, but I take those things. I create a full list, leave nothing off on my to do list, and then I realistically time block for myself.

00:04:31:16 - 00:04:39:22
Nick Clason
And by sitting down the week ahead of time and scripting out exactly what I'm going to do when I'm going to do it, it reduces

00:04:39:22 - 00:04:53:08
Nick Clason
the level of anxiety in the moment. In that week. I detail that completely in episode 77 so you can go to Hybrid Ministry X, y, Z077 or hit the link down below for the YouTube video.

00:04:53:08 - 00:05:20:21
Nick Clason
If you are more of a visual person and you can follow my foolproof time management strategy, which is what's helping me get a lot of things done with a lot less anxiety. Time saving. Hack number four raise up a volunteer and pass things off to them. In our ministry. I have an intern and, we do a weekly social media challenge and I have passed the the baton off to him.

00:05:20:28 - 00:05:30:06
Nick Clason
And every single Wednesday night, he knows it's his responsibility to plan, set the set, film record, and then dump all of that footage into our Google Drive for

00:05:30:06 - 00:05:41:12
Nick Clason
storage. And it is a fantastic delegation. We are still getting the social media content that I, as a social media content manager, have asked for and want and have dreamt up.

00:05:41:12 - 00:06:02:19
Nick Clason
But we have. I have passed off the duty of doing it and so it will take you more time on the front end to create tutorials and explain, you know, your strategy and your philosophy behind anything that you're doing, whether it be social media or otherwise. But once you've done that right, once you've passed some of those things off, you will get more time back.

00:06:02:19 - 00:06:21:21
Nick Clason
And that is another huge youth pastor time saving hack. And I get it. You may be sitting there listening and thinking like, I don't have the time to do that. I don't have additional staff, I don't have budget dollars. Like I'm barely keep in my head above water. And I heard this one time, if you do what's easy now, you will make your life harder later.

00:06:21:26 - 00:06:39:23
Nick Clason
And if you do what is hard now, you will make your life easier later. And so this one in particular really resonates. Because if you do the hard thing now, yes, it's going to take more time right now. Yes, you might feel like you're drowning. Step back, create a tutorial, create a PDF walkthrough, create a video and show someone how to do it.

00:06:39:28 - 00:06:56:19
Nick Clason
But then down the road it will be easier because you will then be able to simply pass off things like editing. And hey, by the way, if you are using Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop, I have a complete course and playlist in YouTube that you can check out that is linked down below in the show notes as well.

00:06:56:19 - 00:07:00:06
Nick Clason
And then my fifth and final idea to make your life easier

00:07:00:06 - 00:07:20:26
Nick Clason
is consider some coaching. And I don't know if you know this or not, but link down below. I am offering some coaching right now, and I'm offering three slots for completely free. they may be taken by the time that this video drops, but it is worth Ulis clicking on that link and inquiring and say hey I would like to go hybrid.

00:07:20:26 - 00:07:37:00
Nick Clason
And I would like to level up my social media. That is what I am specializing in. I would love to help you get all of that stuff put together. Let me help you. That's a time saving hack. Yes, it will take some time on the front end, but if you do, it's hard now. It will make it easier later.

00:07:37:00 - 00:07:58:05
Nick Clason
And like one of the questions that I think is going to be worth wrestling with in the future here for youth pastors and youth ministries is the question of is Instagram? Is that platform dead in youth ministry? That's a coaching question that that you and I can can discuss. and whether you dive into coaching with me or not.

00:07:58:08 - 00:08:11:29
Nick Clason
I'm actually going to answer that question in the very next video, which, if you're watching here on YouTube, is linked right here on screen. So just tap that and I'd love to see you over there in that video. Don't forget and as always stay hybrid.